Wedding Planner Q+A

  • What is a wedding planner? 
  • Are you sure you don’t need a wedding planner? What does wedding planning consist of?
  • What is the difference between a wedding planner and wedding coordinator? 
  • What’s the difference between a venue coordinator and a personal coordinator?
  • Should I hire a friend, family member, or a professional to help plan?

What is a wedding planner?

A Wedding planner is someone who is experienced in taking your ideas for your dream wedding and making them a reality.

Are you sure you don’t need a wedding planner?

Most brides today have a full-time job, run everyday errands to the grocery store, maintain their own home, and enjoy having a social life. Once you get engaged you’re adding another full-time job: wedding planning.

Wedding planning consists of:

Finding Vendors: Ceremony venue, reception venue, photographer/videographer, florist, decor rentals, cake baker, etc.

Selecting Wedding attire: Wedding gown and proper undergarments, shoes, veil, bridesmaid dresses and shoes for all bridesmaids, tuxedo or suit rental for groom and groomsmen.

Selecting Paper products: save-the-dates, invitations, RSVP cards, programs, escort cards, place cards, menus, etc.

Organizing all your vendors on Wedding day: knowing when your vendors can deliver their items and what time, how long they need for set-up, do they have the correct details per your design?

Organizing all of your wedding party for the wedding day: when do they arrive, can they get ready on location, what if someone is running late, who is brining what?

Answering questions about the wedding: from your vendors, your bridesmaids, your groomsmen, your groom, your family, your guest.

……… And the list goes on!

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a coordinator?

A wedding planner assists and guides you in the wedding planning process. They can start planning your wedding planning from the very beginning or they can be hired in the middle of the planning process to ensure the design of the wedding is what you want and help with the details.

wedding coordinator assists and guides through the schedule of the wedding day. A wedding coordinator can be hired at anytime; preferably no later than a month from your wedding. Their main concern is to organize the wedding day schedule for the vendors, wedding party members, and make sure the wedding runs smoothly for you and your wedding guests.

What is the difference between a venue coordinator and a personal coordinator?

venue coordinator is a person that is from your ceremony or reception venue to ensure all rules and regulations are upheld during the event and the responsibilities of the venue are upheld. If your venue provides a coordinator it is a bonus to your wedding; they will ensure everything they are providing is carried out fully including: tables, linens, food, bar-service, staff, etc. Their concern is to make sure the venue upholds their promise to provide the best service.

Personal coordinator is a person that is hired independently to make sure your concerns, needs, and wants for your wedding are met. A personal coordinator takes the responsibility to make sure everything for the wedding day goes smoothly; from making sure all the bridesmaids and groomsmen arrive on location on time, to making sure your wedding gifts aren’t left behind. Their main concern is the Bride and Groom.

Should I hire a friend, family member, or a professional to help plan?

Having a friend or family member  help coordinate or plan your wedding will save you money, but you need to think before asking for their help. A wedding is stressful and time consuming; before calling-on your friend or family member for help, think about what you’re asking of them. You and your friend/ family member will be spending a lot of time together. you will get their opinion (even when you don’t ask for them), and they possibly will be completely consumed on your wedding day. Sometimes it is best for your friends to remain your friends and not break family relationships over your wedding.

Hiring a professional to help plan or coordinate your wedding will save your sanity and save your friendships. Wedding professionals do this for a living, and they have the experience to handle anything that could happen from taking care of a stain on your wedding dress to finding an M.I.A bridesmaid. They can make quick decisions for you if something changes unexpectedly on your wedding day, and keep their composure in an emergency. An independent wedding professional is a neutral party at your wedding; they are only concerned with your wants and opinions with your wedding.


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